Saturday, February 26, 2011

Will Hillenbrand's New Book: Spring is Here

This is the flyer from Will's New Book Spring is Here. Hopefully signings will be happening soon around town! Looks like a great book!


  1. I haven't read it, but based on Will's track record, I'm sure to be getting this one.

    (I'll add my usual reminder that book signings at the Blue Marble are generally quieter than larger stores and can be very rewarding for the budding artist willing to go off the beaten path.)

  2. Awesome! And Chuck or Christina, please keep us posted if Will will be at the Blue Marble. :)

  3. Nick,
    I'm not very reliable when it comes to news. My advice would be to bookmark this and check from time to time.
    Better yet, contact them and subscribe to their e-mailed newsletter.

  4. I cannot say enough about how wonderful Blue Marble is. They have been really supportive. I actually will doing a signing there in May for Habitat Spy. They are GREAT!

    I am sure Will will be there soon too (probably sooner). As Chuck said, get on their email list.

  5. Thanks, Chuck. I'll keep looking!

  6. Will is going to be signing his latest books at the Blue Marble on Saturday, April 16 (time to be announced)