Friday, September 9, 2011

As Promised, Some Sketches for the Poster and Event Photos

Here we all are with out posters. We look like the Justice League of illustrators!
Ryan Answers a Question
Great night tonight at Joseph Beth! It was great to see so many illustrators in the audience and on the panel.

I brought my mock up of the Cincinnati skyline I illustrated. I hope to have a working one by the show... Any paper engineers out there?

The Discussion Begins

An Earlier Concept
First thoughts on the design. Yes, there is a dragon...


  1. I really like the human focus of the concept sketch. Alas, I suppose humans were not meant to be the focal point for a poster about books.

  2. The other design is centered around the fountain coming to life. I really preferred the design they picked though. It filled the creative brief requirements better.