Monday, September 12, 2011

Movie Poster

My most recent illustration job was a lot of fun to do. "One Day Summer" is a short film being released this month by Piñata Productions. The writer/director, e.E. Charlton-Trujillo, liked my poster for the film "Intangible" but wanted something rougher, younger, and filled with punk rock energy.

The key to the scribbly look of the drawing was to not ink my drawing. The black lines are scans from the original pencils. 

The fun came from the client. We met at a restaurant; she talked and I sketched, and we pushed the sketches back and forth across the table until we agreed on a composition and attitude. She trusted me to do the job, and boom - we were both happy with the results. Ideal.


  1. Very nicely done, Brian!
    Your posters are always outstanding. This is no exception.

  2. Love it! What is the story behind the checkered sunglasses?

  3. Thank you, folks.

    The checkered sunglasses were actually worn by the lead girl in the film in the opening scene, right before she attacks a cute boy with the fizzing coke in her hand.

    I originally wanted to show her eyes, but
    a) The sunglasses are visually compelling,
    b) I believe the sunglasses lessen her individual identity, thereby allowing the young target audience to project themselves into her adventure, and
    c) I had almost no reference except for the film itself, so the perfect photo didn't exist. The sunglasses allowed me the wiggle room to create the face from 3 different captured images from the movie.