Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Middle Sea Blog

Hey, guys. I've been out of circulation for a bit. My internet's down. I'm going to post more, starting with a project I'm doing when I have some down time. I'll post my new map, soon, too. TAG's got me working on another project for their Hellfrost setting.

Here's the link to my blog: (I can't remember how to hot link things, so unless Christina fixes this, please copy and past the link)

The purpose of this blog is to explore lots of ideas and materials and just have fun. It's a place for me to feel no pressure about art and let loose when I need to.

Enjoy, guys! See you at lunch, soon!


And one image from the blog, just so there's some art up in this post :P)


  1. Look forward to seeing the work. This is an interesting technique.

  2. Thanks, Christina. This is a good way for me to work out ideas quickly and in colour. However, I've been experimenting with making this technique more finished. I just started a project for TAG doing twenty black and white paintings due by the end of October. I also just finished a map for them (in colour, both digtal and traditional). The illustrations will be a first real attempt to formalize this technique. There are some newer personal pieces that have refined my methods. I'll upload these, soon, hopefully. I'm turning in the map, today, so maybe I'll be uploading it soon, too.