Monday, September 5, 2011

Big Red Machine Poster

The original drawing was for a Reds Yearbook cover in 1976. The Sports Gallery store wanted an illustration for a poster to sell as they are bringing in all the starting eight players a couple at a time, starting with Dave Concepcion and Cesar Geronimo in two weeks. We decided to take the art from the yearbook and add the four missing players. Hello photoshop!
The original art is long gone (that's another story), so I scanned a printed cover at 1200 dpi and 16 x 20 inches which will be the poster size. You could see the original screens on the computer but not on a test print at full size. Whew! Fortunately, there were places I could add the four missing guys. So I hand painted, scanned and put them on. A little retouching and there we were.
Here's the original cover and the poster.


  1. Awesome! Very well done but I have a question.
    Did no one tie their shoes back in '76? :)

    Love the poster.

  2. The shoes are tied, the laces are just too long. It is a trademark of mine.

  3. This turned out nicely, Jerry. Congratulations! :)