Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Debby saves me from Nightmare in Photoshop

I spent most of the morning & afternoon before the Christmas party battling new glitches in Photoshop. All my selection tools turned to the "feather" setting, so I had to laboriously erase everything from around any element I wanted to copy and set into my holiday card. Then when I shrunk things down to 4 by 6 for printing, everything digitalized.

Luckily, I sat next to Debby at the Christmas party, and she told me to Google "selection tool problem with feather setting in Photoshop." I did, and it turns out it's a permanent problem d/t a glitch in Photoshop, but you can eliminate the feather effects by going up to Select, then choose "Refine edges", and set “feather” to zero, and set contrast up to 100%. Debby also described how to avoid pixilation when shrinking images by making sure resolution is set at 300 pixels/inch when you change "image size", and choosing the bottom option under bicubic (“sharper best for reduction”)

So yesterday, I was able to make a much better version of the 2011 Holiday Shark Card. Anybody who got a lousy blurry card from me Sunday night can get one of the new ones from me if you come to the lunches.

Thanks so much Debby!


  1. I hope you will post pictures of the lovely card. Maybe showing before and after the advice :)

  2. Thanks for the very nice comment about my Shark Card, Christina. I'm so sorry I can't post it: it's full of recognizeable images of several of my nieces, who are under 18, and I just don't want them to be shown on the Internet. The kids also might be outraged if they found out that the whole world was viewing them in those costumes, feigning surprise/horror.