Wednesday, December 7, 2011

To Do or Not Do a Christmas/Holiday Card and Cool Podcasts

2009 Edition
It comes down to the wire every year... Whether or not to do a card. I am planning on something quick and simple and will post soon.

Do you all do one every year? Are you just emailing them or printing them?

Post your cards if you do them....

In Other News...

I know a lot of us listen to audiobooks and podcasts while working. I recently stumbled on this new one by Sam Weber last night and it is pretty good. It is just starting; so the show is still working out the rough edges (like so many podcasts).

He basically sits down and talks with different illustrators and art directors each Wednesday. It is part of the lineup for WSVA (a radio station for the School of Visual Arts in NYC) but anyone can listen.

Another excellent podcast is the series on Escape from Illustration Island.

 It has 80 episodes so far and includes interviews with Scott Hull, Drew Struzan, Brian Despain, Elizabeth Dulemba, Anita Kunz, Dave McKean, and many others...


  1. i send both email and cards of my all friends in every Christmas. go to other place to enjoy Christmas day.

    xmas cards

  2. Send out cards every year. Get them printed before October and you save a boatload too.

  3. October??!! Now I feel like a total slacker...

    Post it!

  4. I mean to do a card every and every year the holidays just fly by and I look back and say " I gotta do one next year"

    Thanks for the pod cast links....I have many hours of listening ahead of me

  5. I haven't done one yet. I was thinking about doing a New Year card instead of holiday card. One because I'm slow and procrastinating :) and two because it's just a different idea. Extend that card arrival time period. I bet anyone that knows you would LOVE a custom card from you!!

  6. I did a quick colorized ink drawing for my card. I am also going all "e" this year.