Monday, December 5, 2011

The Hungry Housewives Finally Finished!

The series is finally finished! It will be in the Slam Bang Comic Anthology Femme Fatales issue in 2012. (I will have a link up soon.)

It is the Hunger Games meets The Real Housewives in a series I would so watch on television. The Real Housewives show has an almost Othello quality where everyone is the character of honest Iago.

Also, kudos if you get the sci-fi movie reference on page 3...

The jokes just write themselves... Yes, my dream is to be a writer for the Simpsons or work for Mad Magazine...

The Hungry Housewives, Page 1

The Hungry Housewives, Page 2

The Hungry Housewives, Page 3

The Hungry Housewives, Page 4


  1. My favorite is the woman screaming with the shoe.

  2. Thanks! No one ever did get the film reference on that last panel on page three. I guess 70s sci-fi happened too long ago...