Monday, March 19, 2012

Dr Seuss Book of Nudes

Am I the only one who has never heard of or seen any of this? I bet he was a kooky guy...


  1. I own the Seven Lady Godivas, it's very good, with plump little nude women cavorting around. The book is a bit hard to find, but worth searching out. I'm a big fan of early Seuss art. Fun stuff!

    1. Only one of them is plump; the others are not.

  2. I have a copy too. It is a great book! We went to a Dr.Seuss show a couple years ago and it mentioned that The 7 Lady Godivas was his favorite book. It was out of print but I bought a copy in excellent condition for 1 cent from a vendor on Amazon.

  3. Apparently, he convinced his editor at the time to do the book and in one of the drawings, the name of his editor is written on a tree. He later said it was an inside joke about how much of a sap he was letting him do the book.

    Christina, I need to get a copy.

  4. I don't own this one, but I had heard of it.
    I'm a Seuss admirer too, and recommend two other books featuring his adult-oriented artwork:
    The Secret World of Dr. Seuss (excellent) and Dr. Seuss Goes To War (for fans and historians only).

    IMHO, his best stuff is the work he's most known for: his mid-career children's books. (Sometimes the masses get it right) One that slips under the radar that I think is particularly brilliant is "The Sneetches" —particularly the oddball story, "What Was I Scared Of?".