Saturday, March 10, 2012

First: The 2012 New Projects MFA Thesis Exhibition

Columbus College of Art & Design is proud to present First: The 2012 New Projects MFA Thesis Exhibition, featuring the college’s inaugural master-of-fine-arts graduating class. Works in the exhibition will range from glass, installation, social practice, and photography to fabric design, illustration, painting and digital media.

CCAD’s MFA in Visual Arts: New Projects is a project-based, non-media-specific curriculum that focuses on individual artistic/design development and creative leadership. It brings together talented individuals from a variety of different media to build a community that fosters exploration, professionalism, and creative success.


  1. Amazing work Woody! Hope to get a sneak peek when we visit for the Brain Ewing talk.

  2. Great job, Woody! Can't wait to see it as well. I hope I can make it up there for the opening on the 30th.
    Are they going to have salsa?

    (Just kidding!....sort of)

  3. Woody,
    Congratulations on the first graduating class. That is an excellent school and I hope your MFA serves you well.
    I also hope to make it for the opening - hmmmm...should we start a carpool?

  4. While I appreciate the support, that's a long drive so I would definitely suggest carpooling and plan a diner or something
    if you folks plan on the drive. I myself will be scrambling and exhausted so I'm just gonna go with the flow if I don't fall over.
    Should be an interesting show with such a diverse group of disciplines. I know one of the other exhibits will be a participatory smashing of glass in the gallery, also a fauxtastic shack, and a auditory memory room. This of course is all assuming I actually finish my project.

    And Chuck if you get there earlier CCAD always has a nice spread but it goes fast around hungry art students. Not sure if salsa is on the menu but who knows. Also thanks to the peeps that were able to make it to Brian's lecture.

  5. Doesn't matter Woody. I always keep an unopened jar in the car anyway.
    Best of luck with the final push!

  6. Really enjoyed checking out the school Woody. Thanks for the heads up. Brian's talk was really interesting.