Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New clay illustrations

Hey, guys! It's been a while, eh? ;~)

I just wrapped up 4 clay illustrations for the Children's Theatre of Cincinnati... let me know what you think!


  1. Wow!
    Love 'em all, Paula, but Cinderella gets my vote! I agree with the client. For a kids' production, the more colorful version is probably best. Having the ordinary pumpkins orange, makes the magical one stand out.

    I'm particularly impressed with all the clay typography —nicely done!

    Did the digital coloring save you time? Or did it just give you the flexibility to try different color options? I can imagine that selecting areas on a one-color clay model would be very tricky without creating a lot of vector paths.

  2. Great work! Nice to see you posting again!

  3. I agree on Cinderella too with the client. Since the castle is aspirational, it is nice to have it pop out. The blue background in the other version makes it feel like a dark road is ahead.