Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Facinating Article: Modern art was CIA 'weapon'

This is an interesting article. I am curious what others think about it. I am not sure parts of it are as secret as the documentary imagines.

The reason Julia Child was in France was her husband Paul's job was to spread "American Culture" and show how good the arts were in Western, Communist Free environments. He put together gallery shows of American artists etc. Perhaps the extent of the funding was not revealed until this documentary. (My Life in France is a wonderful book, by the way.)

Modern art was CIA 'weapon'


I do want to see a James Bond movie incorporate this cold war anecdote though.

I am curious to see the documentary.

The article is a fairly old one (1995) but I could not find a link to the documentary. Anyone else find it?


  1. Makes you wonder what an if there are doing anything in todays world of art, cinema, theater etc....to influence the American way of thinking.

  2. I've always suspected it, but now I'm totally convinced that the Dept of Homeland Security is behind the success of Thomas Kinkade.
    Showing a skeptical world that Jeffersonian Democracy is indeed warmer and fuzzier —and lighter than Sharia Law.

    1. You never know... Interesting juxtaposition: I just listened to the Marc Maron podcast episode where he interviews comedian Yakov Smirnoff. Smirnoff was a state painter in the Soviet Union and describes painting Lenin, etc. Interesting anecdote... Apparently he still paints; different subject matter obviously.