Wednesday, January 29, 2014

World Fire Sculpture Championship in Riga, Latvia

I recently got back from the World Fire Sculpture Championship. I was very lucky to have my proposal printed in the official program. The championship consisted of twelve teams and each team had two members. I chose Rod Bouc as my team mate. He is the Deputy Director of the Columbus Museum of Art and a good friend. I have known him since we both went to graduate school at Ohio State University.
There were twelve countries represented: Spain, Latvia, Russia, Lithuania, Australia, Switzerland, Great Britain, Estonia, Finland, France, Sweden and USA. The sculptures were built and burnt on the banks of the Daugava river in downtown Riga.
I have posted the cover of the program, the inside page with my proposal and the actual proposal I sent them - because the resolution is better. I will post more as I process my video footage and photos.


  1. This is so cool David! How did it go when you ignited it?

  2. Interesting! Did the kinetic component of the piece work?

  3. Sorry so late in answering the comments. I did a test burn of the piece here in Cincinnati and it went well after learning quite a bit about the materials and how to lift a heavy load etc.
    I will post a video of the entire event as soon as I get it all edited in Premier Pro.