Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Day of Dead Benefit Show at Venue 222

Hey Cincinnati Illustrators
Calling on interested local artists to donate 8"x10" print/s from new or published work with a Day of the Dead theme for a benefit show I am curating in Cincinnati, Ohio on Friday October 31. If this appeals to you, please consider and read the form below!
This is a fundraiser for my brother, also a musician and visual artist, who lost everything he owns in a fire last week. No renter's insurance. I'm trying to help him get back on his feet after losing photos, art, audio and video recordings, power tools, welding equipment, many instruments, bikes, a quad, clothes, etc.
Please look the form over carefully and let me know if you are interested in submitting a piece. It can come from your archive, but must follow the theme closely. It can be a signed print that I can mat here.
Thank you very much for checking it out!
Ursula Roma 


  1. So sorry to hear of this, Ursula! Prayers going out to your brother.

    I remember seeing you at a similar event years ago on Central Parkway and it was fabulous! (Did you even design a T-shirt?). This is a great theme that tends to bring out the best in artists. We're long overdue for a Dia de Muertos celebration.

    I hope that flowers, Latin flourishes and lots of color are encouraged!

  2. So sorry about your brother... Chuck has done quite a collection of great Day of the Dead art.