Thursday, August 7, 2014

Sketches of Biblical Disproportions

It's hard for me to find work I can share on the blogosphere, but today I've posted a series of sketches on my blog from a ongoing project for a faith-based publisher.

There's some brief text about the challenges of treating Biblical subjects in cartoon form and why studying the Old Masters is not always helpful.


  1. Im am really enjoying these Chuck. You should chat with Tammie Lyon. She had to illustrate a children's bible and had some of the paintings up at the show in Sharonville. It is interesting to see the different approaches. She said designing the art for the picture book version had many challenges.

  2. Thanks, Christina! (and sorry for the late response)
    It would be good to talk to Tammie about some of these niche-market issues.
    I've found that big hurdles usually translate to bigger rewards —once you get through them. :-)

  3. Love the expressions! I knew it was your work before I even saw your name.

    1. Thanks, Vanessa!
      Just got your nice comment—sorry for the way-delayed response!