Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Making It at 2014 Cincinnati Comicon Saturday 6th September

Making It is an upcoming documentary film by director Anthony Francis Moorman and art director Woodrow Hinton that explores what it takes to make a living as artist. The film focuses primarily on a trio of illustrators, Andrew BawidamannEric Fortune and Brian Ewing.

We’re asking these three about Art School, Business Model, and the future of Illustration, etc, etc. Our goal for this Documentary is to collect opinions about what does “Making It” mean to them.

The documentary also features interviews with many other artists like Adam HughesBecky CloonanMark Brooks and Mike Mignola.

Sneak Peak:

Making IT is a wrap!

As we move forward to the next phase of the film, (promotion and distribution) it is a great time to pause and say thank you! We owe a great deal of thanks to the cast, crew, artists and family members who have supported us and the film over the past two years. We are all very proud of what we have all made possible together. 

As a special thank you to those in our hometown we will be screening a sneak peek of the film and have a short Q&A session following for the attendees at the 2014 Cincinnati Comicon Saturday 6th September.

Also make sure to stop by and say Howdy to our attending artists:

Brian Ewing, Doug Paswkiewicz, and Mark Brooks before or after the screening to snag some killer art!

For those interested in attending or more information about the film click the links below:

Cincy Comiccon

Making IT


  1. I am so hoping that woody had a little extra money to make this David Naughton song the theme of the documentary


  2. Wow, the guy from American Werewolf in London, who knew and what a great fit for the tone film.
    Unfortunately we have already committed to bring this one back instead: