Friday, April 17, 2015

Drawn Exhibition at Manifest opens April 17th at 6PM

 Manifest's DRAWN show is an amazing show every year. This year Margi Hopkins has made the cut as well as 26 other artists curated from 1188 submitted works! 

More details here from the site:

2nd Annual International Exhibition
of Contemporary Drawing

Manifest was founded in-part to stand for the importance of drawing as a process, skill, and discipline, and as a continuing viable product of the creative fine art and design fields. Since its inception the organization has continued to incorporate drawing-based programming, including education (Drawing Center), publications (INDA), and gallery exhibits into the broader spectrum of its projects. The students and professors who formed Manifest in 2004 knew that despite their diverging career paths (architecture, art history, painting, industrial design, photography) they were brought together on account of their connection to drawing and their mutually intense but multi-faceted pursuit of this fundamental discipline.
A year ago, in honor of the original spirit of the founding ideals of Manifest, the gallery launched DRAWN as a new annual exhibition. DRAWN seeks to survey and present the broad scope of drawing being made today. This gallery exhibit is completely separate from but nevertheless complements, and sometimes overlaps, the annual INDA publication project.
DRAWN called for artists to submit works of drawing in any media relevant to the practice (including non-traditional approaches), any style, and any genre (fine art, illustration, design, conceptual, realism, etc.).
For this exhibit 394 artists from 44 states, 20 countries, and Washington D.C. submitted 1188 works for consideration. Thirty-six works by the following 27 artists from 13 states, England, Japan, and Spain were selected for presentation in the gallery and Manifest Exhibition Annual publication.

Margi says: Come visit me and my "Departing" piece Fri April 17th 6-9pm. This exhibit will be fabulous!

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