Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Communication Arts Illustration Annual

I know a some on the blog list have been in the CA illustration annual before (John Maggard-yes I mean you).

I have never entered. Is it worth it? They seem to get tons of entries so the competition seems pretty stiff.

The deadline is March 6th.


  1. Hey Christina!

    Yes, it's worth it! ...think of how awesome it would be to get in?
    I've entered my work the past 3 years, and plan to again this year. I'll keep hoping!

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  3. I'll echo Paula's comment. I did pretty well for a few years in the SI competitions but not as of late...even so,I'll keep entering them and look at it as a necessary business expense/roll of the dice. The CA entry I got in was only the second time in over 20 years of entering so it felt even better than it might have before. For purely selfish reasons I'm still a bit put off by the SI system this year accepting only small digital files as entries...it may be fine for some but doesn't do my technique any favors. I haven't yet looked at the CA forms so I'm hoping they haven't followed suit.

  4. This year's Mini poster is probably the only thing I've done that has a chance.