Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sad Instead of Mad

Super Sad to hear the MAD Magazine is going quarterly and cancelling Mad Kids and Mad Classics altogether.

Many magazines are throwing in the towel during these tough economic times.  Which really sucks for those who rely on editorial illustration gigs as part of their income.

What are your thoughts on the magazines that have closed up?

How much will it affect the editorial illustration world?


  1. I think it is sad and magazines going under are already affecting a lot of illustrator's revenue.

    Realms of Fantasy is going out of business too and they bought a lot of art...

  2. It's a strange world for sure, but I'm optimistic that when the economy does turn around and companies realize they need creative solutions, those of us that kept with it will be the first in the door.

  3. When the banks began to look threatened a few months ago, people in the business of safes for the home saw booming profits.
    My hypothesis is that there must be opportunities that grow from hopelessness for artists, as well.