Thursday, February 19, 2009

Factory Cat Art Show-Auction

The opening for the show on the 14th was packed! A lot of local illustrators attended (including many of the contributors to this blog).

The Factory Cats artwork auction will go in waves, with several pieces added per day including the great piece above by Daryll Collins. I wrote about my piece in the show a couple weeks ago.

If you go to the project website and visit the Gallery, the pieces that are on eBay are clearly marked and have a link to their auctions. Once the pieces start selling, they'll be marked 'sold.'

You can also directly view all of the auctions on the list here:

The organizers are trying to spread things out, and mix up styles, sizes and media to keep a varied selection of pieces available. There is a huge variety-something for every art taste!

If you want to see the art in person, the gallery show is open to the public from noon - 7:00pm daily, Tuesday through Saturday, until the end of February.

Fun Fact: The April issue of Cat Fancy (no joke!) will have two page article about this year and last year's cat project.

Check it out and bid early and often!

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  1. The auction is up on some images today so bid soon! (Including the piece on the post!)