Thursday, February 19, 2009

Final Illustration-Personal Piece

Here is the final image!

You may notice that the background changed quite a bit. I actually spent many hours working on a forest background but scrapped it when it was battling with the foreground.

I guess it is true that less is more... That is an advantage with digital-the background can be its own layer. I want to experiment more in Painter but it is a slow process. I secretly painted the crow by hand.

The design of the dress is inspired by the late 1700s (with modern touches.) Think Marie Antoinette pre-Bastille...


  1. Wow,wow,wow! Outstanding work Christina!
    Love the gown treatment. Color scheme awesome also.

  2. And the understatement and misty blues of the background are a striking choice. And the crow POPS with his rich black. Yay, crow, and yay, Christina.

  3. Thanks! I am glad the piece has gotten a good reaction.

    I am working on a concept illustration now that I want to make a dummy for but cannot get a good story past the initial spark...