Thursday, February 26, 2009

Noise Music Night at the Art Damage Lodge

When Christina calls for art, I deliver. This is the first drawing in my new Moleskine, done live at the Art Damage Lodge. Jonathan, the first musician, jams screwdrivers and hammers under the strings and beats the sound out of the instrument and into you.


  1. Woof - I love it! lots of energy and spontaneity (OK I'm lame...not only did I have to look up Moleskine but my first spelling of 'spontaneity' failed spellcheck - I'm going to bed) Nice piece! PS I hope that was a cheap instrument...

  2. Now that's what I want to see! Your skech books are amazing-I am sure this new moleskine will be a welcome sequel! The raduiator and tile capture the feeling of "old dive".