Thursday, July 30, 2009

Feathered Frenzy

I can finally draw again and I feel just like these birds! This is my first piece since my injuries-as long as I take a lot of breaks, I am able to work again. YEAH!!


  1. Fun piece. Lots of character and energy in those birds.

  2. Viki, glad you're able to create art again. Hopefully with no or minimal pain.

    Really fun piece.

    Did you color it in Photoshop?

  3. Thanks for the comments-so painful to not be able to work!

    Minimal pain-but so much less!!

    I did it all in Photoshop-except the sketch. I scanned the sketch and messed around with the lines, so I didn't have to ink. I think that adds some looseness-I usually tighten when I ink. I'm happy with this technique-I never was good with washy things in watercolor. It's fun to play with this stuff.

  4. Glad you're back in the game!

  5. You are really getting the hang of Photoshop. I am glad you can draw again!

    The piece seems to echo your happiness.

  6. And so smart to use Photoshop to avoid the inking step. I'm still re-training my arms not to overly clench the pen when I'm inking. Bad habits are so hard to break.

    Congratulations - and this is so, so joyous.

  7. I was happy the moment I saw your image Viki! Very dynamic, compositionally.