Friday, July 17, 2009

Treasury Cancels Plans to Hire Cartoonist

From The Huffington Post:

WASHINGTON — The Treasury Department is scrapping plans to hire a cartoonist to lighten the mood of its employees who manage the nation's $1.2 trillion debt, after a senator questioned its merits.

The cartoonist would have been hired by Treasury's Bureau of Public Debt, which accounts for borrowed federal spending, at a time Congress is embroiled in a debate about increased government spending.

"Our training staff felt that at a time when employees are working extra hours, it might have been helpful," said Kim Treat, a spokesman for the bureau.

Full story here.

1 comment:

  1. Well, give 'em credit for thinking out of the box.

    Is a cartoonist what you hire to cheer up employees when you can no longer afford strippers? Man, this economy IS bad.
    Now that they can't go with the cartoonist, do they move down the list to mimes? Corey Feldman?