Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Henry the Impatient Heron E-Book

Sylvan Dell who published Henry the Impatient Heron just launched a really well done new e-book function. It features auto-flip, auto audio-read, and instantly goes from Spanish to English with a click. It is SO COOL!


  1. Christina - congrats and that is very cool!! Here's the direct link to your flip version from the site:

    Nice work!

  2. Henry may be impatient, but he's very cool! and popular. Congrats Christina! (where were you at lunch-we need your energy-it was fun tho.)

  3. Congratulations Christina!

    This is yet another wave of approach when it comes to print. I was recently contacted to illustrate a book for the itunes e-book application. The terms of the deal were poor that I passed, but this is another avenue for delivery of content.

  4. That's really cool, Christina! Congratulations on the 'Book of the Month' designation. Well deserved.