Thursday, July 1, 2010

Book Cover: Frozen Stare

This is a book cover for a new book of poetry by author Oneal Walters released today (Canada Day!). He lives and works in Toronto and his company The Age Begins books is actively looking for poetry books that concentrate on women and world issues. Here is a link!

The art is showing a frozen rose starting to thaw. It was refreshing to do something more conceptual. It is a mixture of mostly paint and digital.


  1. Nice! —did you also do the cover with the camels? It looks like your style.

  2. I did-good eye! It was around 5 years ago. This he wanted to really appeal to women. It was fun to design.

    The camel one was filled with imagery that meant a lot to him and he was very specific about the elements. It comes across as very surreal as does poetry which is very personal.

    This cover he wanted to be softer (although the rose is partially frozen, it is thawing).

  3. Thanks for sharing this. I really liked seeing the different versions. I liked the blue one, too. This is a really nice piece.

  4. Thanks! I usually do not provide the client with options but was torn between the two. I really liked the other version but this was more in line with the creative brief. (As you can see it was picked.)