Friday, July 16, 2010

Photos of Something from Someplace!

Secret photos from an undisclosed location! *wink wink!
This is my desk at work. Making me claustrophobic!!
Happy Friday! What does your workspace look like?

I ♥ Sharpies! I ♥ the laminating machine!


  1. I love sharpies too. Their new fine tip pilot like pen is great.

    Thanks for the peek at your undisclosed location.

  2. Wow, That's freaky! I was looking at a book called "Artist to Artist" just an hour before reading this. The book allows several notable illustrators to talk to children about their work and how they got started, and a lot of studio photos are featured in its pages. All the studios are neat and pristine, and I absolutely cannot believe that anything gets accomplished in them.

    I was thinking that this blog should do a series of posts on what workspaces REALLY look like. 30 minutes later I see this and Bam!

    Is there a way multiple artists can contribute different photos all in the same post? Or maybe we should call this "workspace week" with a series of posts.

    I absolutely get charged seeing other artists studios. I don't know why.

  3. Haha, awesome! Yeah, make it Workspace Week!

    I love seeing where artists work....... here's a good Flickr group:

    (Sellers on Etsy sharing their creative workspaces!)

  4. I love the workspace photo too. Seeing all the produce on the table looks exactly like my desk around project time: photos, sketches, print outs, reference books, and a hopeless mess that only I could navigate.

    OK, I guess my workspace is proof of the chaos theory. But I relate, I relate.

    And I've got to get one of those plastic multiple compartment pen holders. I waste more time sorting through my pencils and pens and brushes than I can count. (And don't get me started on colored pencil projects.)

  5. When I am working on a bunch of projects, like now, my studio looks like ground zero of an art explosion. I couldn't take a picture-someone might sent it to one of those hoarder shows...

    When my studio has been photographed, my mom and I spent days cleaning before.

  6. It is so true! So much for verisimilitude... :)

  7. I want to write a musical some day with a song entitled "Versimilitude."

  8. There's just something about photocopiers, man. I don't know what it is. When I worked at a deli in high school we had a vacuum machine... you can imagine the shenanigans :D We put so many weird things in that machine :P