Thursday, July 22, 2010

Vendahl Caverns

Here is this month's dungeon for the TAG newsletter.


  1. I really like how this turned out-nice technique.

    I am a little confused by the boat in the big cavern. It looks purposefully large but meant for one person. Is this part of the game play?

  2. I choose to live in Cave #5. A big bearskin rug & a fire pit. S'mores!

  3. It's a burial ship sunk into the lake. I had it looking a lot more faint, but he wanted it very bold so players could tell what it was. Although, the ship is mentioned in the text and I think the ship now looks like it's floating on the water instead of under it.

    S'mores! Hear, hear! That was my favourite cave :) It's the only one where someone good lives.

  4. You used to get weird scale stuff like that in Medieval art all the time. Things would be bigger if they were more important (like a king, perhaps), etc.