Thursday, July 29, 2010

Buzz at San Diego Comic-Con

Woodrow Hinton III and Andrew Bawidamann both had interviews at San Diego Comic-Con for USA Today.

Check them out:

Hopefully Woody will post a little about the con and some pictures here soon (maybe even one on this post). Great interviews though!


  1. Woody adds "media superstar" to his resume!

  2. Yeah, he probably is too famous to hang around this blog anymore and will start posting where the cool kids blog...

  3. Howdy All,

    Nope just tired and having trouble getting back into a reality where sleep is normal. Luckily I avoided the pandemic of nerd flu sweeping the con but I'm still wiped out. My master plan is to get something together this weekend and post on my blog and the cliff notes version here next week with a few random pics for fun. As we all know I am a wind bag so heavy editing usually make my posts almost readable. Thank to all for the kind words and support.