Thursday, July 22, 2010

Questing Beast and Sea Serpent

Here are some images I just finished for some monster entries. The Sea Serpent is for the Hellfrost setting, the ice world of Rassilon. The Questing Beast is for the Daring Tales of Chivalry line. The Questing Beast is said to appear in times of change. It is the offspring of a woman and an incubus and emits from its belly the sound of 30 hounds baying. The beast was a part of the Arthurian tales and is said to always quest for the water that will finally quench its thirst. The sound of hounds made by the beast only ceases when it drinks.


  1. These creatures are a lot of fun, Justin —thanks for sharing!
    I'd never heard of a Questing Beast. Did you have a lot of latitude in design on that one? Or did the client tell you which animals to use in cobbling him together? Something about the size of his head makes him look small and pet-like. Nice work!

  2. I love the style of these. They would be great interiors for YA novels.

  3. Very nice work! The lighting on the Questing Beast is excellent.