Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cool Illustration Blogs and the Process of Making Illustrations

I do not know if anyone has checked this out yet, but it really is cool:

I know it has mostly fantasy art, but it is cool to see the process from thumb to finish. It is kind of a group version of James Gurney's blog.

I admit, I never really scan or post my thumbnails-I usually throw them away. My studio is a sea of paper as it is. Do you guys archive your whole process?

Here is a sketch from my earlier painting post:

And here are some unused cartoon concepts for an aspect to a book I am painting now (the rest of the art is realistic):


  1. I love your sketch, it's so pretty and the animals are great!

  2. That's a neat blog —I love seeing every little link of the creative process.

    There's some great art there, (including a post by Greg Manchess!)
    I'll add that most of it is great because the artists do their thinking at the rough stage, and they sketch and sketch and sketch.

    I'm a bit of a packrat and I'll save the good "thumbnails" from most projects.
    Still, I throw away about 9 out of 10 roughs.

    Thanks for sharing! The character sketches are great to see. The book spread is neat too, but it doesn't look like a sketch to me —more like the last layout before going to final. (Maybe I just work much rougher.)

  3. Mr. Gurney's blog is awesome :) He and Tony DiTerlizzi have great set-ups for their fans and fellow artists. Thanks for posting :) I'm digging the rabbit and that bird :) I think I like the deer in the upper left hand portion :) He has more character and an interesting shape.