Friday, November 12, 2010

Sad News: Joseph Beth Files for Bankrunptcy

I just heard about this. Joseph Beth is a great bookstore and it is sad to hear about their economic woe. Fortunately, their Rookwood Pavilion store will remain open for the moment.

It is a favorite illustrators lunch spot (Bronte's Cafe) and many have had signings of their books and posters at the store. Hopefully it will recover.

By the way, when promoting books you have illustrated on your blog or website, below is a website that will generate a link to order your book from an independant local bookstore rather than Amazon so you can encourage people to buy locally and support these small businesses:

(Thanks Mary Kay for telling me about this!)


  1. This really sucks. I was going to apply for a part time job there :( I love that place. But I wish the Christian bookstore hadn't replaced Barnes and Noble in Hyde Park Plaza. I liked that store a lot better than Joseph-beth.

  2. J-B would have been a great opportunity to meet authours and artists...

  3. Was that a particularly big B&N? There are lots of those still around (including a good one in Kenwood) I hope Joseph Beth survives.

    Personally, I'd love to see a true geek store like Stuart NG or Bud Plant open up locally.