Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Uncle D's Cartoon Corner

Due to a cruel blow that has recently been dealt to me I am in the process of completely breaking down my studio. Then I'll have to set it up again somewhere else! And I'm kind of amazed at some of the stuff I've found. I'll try and post when my heart and frame of mind will allow.

Here are a couple comic strips I did for fun called "Uncle D's Cartoon Corner".

Hope you like 'em. Wish I could make money on this stuff!


  1. These are pretty damn funny, Daryll :) I especially like the format. It's good :P

  2. Love it. Slap up a webcomic, sell ad space and watch the money trickle in.

  3. And I apologize, guys, for not being there, yesterday... I am battling an epic flu virus. And, yes, this warrants the word epic :P It is a struggle wourthy of Beowulf, hisself, just to walk around. I've not felt this sick since I was really small. Hope it was a good turnout. I missed seeing you guys :)

  4. LOL, just more awesomeness from Daryll. Put this up on your Facebook before I do :-)

  5. Thanks guys. I may start a personal blog about what's going on in my life right now. It would be sad and funny.

    Justin, take care of yourself. The flu is the absolute worst!

  6. Daryll,
    These are hilarious - I think that you could make some $$ with them. Bearman has the right idea. I was talking to an old animation student of mine - he said that his main income right now is creating a comic that is up on a site and the site sells advertising. I don't know how much he gets paid or what the site is - I asked him to send me a link. Nevertheless, the idea is the key.
    We missed ya last yesterday.
    On another note: have you seen any of the "You Suck At Photoshop" episodes? These guys made a bunch of money and got alot of notoriety from this series - and they live in Kentucky - maybe approach them. Just google "You Suck At Photoshop" and check it out - start at episode 1 and go through sequentially.

  7. Thanks guys.I guess I need to find out how I get businesses to advertise on my comic blog.

    Sorry I missed lunch Wednesday, but I was not having a good day. Much better today!

    I have heard of the "You suck...Photoshop" videos but have not watched any yet.

  8. Daryll, I'm sorry about your woes! Call me if there's anything I can do to help.

    The strips are hilarious! Especially the Udderly Great Mom Card! (Sounds like something I might write.)

  9. Daryll-you are totally sick!! And I mean that in a good way.

    I so, so(2x) understand your woes (thanks, Chuck, for the word), there are great times on the other side. And wonderful grist for the mill in the process.

  10. Thanks everybody. If anything, this "experience" had confirmed to me that I am blessed with wonderful, caring friends.

    Better days are ahead. We all go through tough times.

  11. I love your self-caricature.

    Making money is always the snag. I love doing comics but have never found a commercial application either...

    I do hope you start a web-comic though. You never know, it may be super successful.

    Better times are ahead.

  12. Daryll - Fantastic. "I'm your biggest fan," he said, as he burrowed through the coffee grounds and soiled paper towels of the artist's garbage. Your work is funnier than my crap by far.

    And if I figure out how to make money on "Pen Grenades," I'll let you, and everyone here, know.

    I'm trying to create a store that allows Justin and I to keep our money separate, which is even harder than it sounds, as he's not comfortable forming a business.

  13. Dude - have you actually ever SEEN horse crap? Where are you getting your references man??

  14. Tad.
    Don't you remember George's drawings?

  15. I challenge you both to a horse crap draw off!

  16. Thanks, Daryll. I'm feeling much better, now. Actually, I haven't been sick like that in a LONG time. The funny thing is, once I got better, I was really thankful for good health, afterward. It made me appreciate just how much I like NOT feeling sick :P

    I know you can do something with this idea, man. It's pretty clever. Hope all is well :)