Monday, March 14, 2011

Jerry Dowling: 1961 National League Champions

From Jerry: This is the third of the drawings I've done annually for the Reds Opening day Findlay Market parade. This will be on t-shirts, and a 4 x 6 foot board attached to a float. The board will eventually wind up in the Reds Hall of Fame.


  1. Curse this lack of comments!

    This is excellent, Jerry. It'll look great blown up to a commanding size.

  2. Another winner. Awesome job Jerry!

  3. Care to reveal how you did the old Crosley scoreboard?

  4. Daryll. I cheat! Google gets the credit. There was a guy I met at the Casey Awards last week that sent me the actual scoreboard from 1961, but his photos were too fuzzy to even attempt copying. So I left it up to the nitpickers to find mistakes, such as the wrong ads. I'm sure some were different.
    Don't tell anybody!