Monday, March 28, 2011

'Epic Tales' Cover Page Design

Hello, all :) I'm pleased to present to you the final design for the 'Epic Tales' adventure series for Labyrinth Lord. A friend and I are co-conspiratours in a project to be released through my company, Epic Werkes Studio. These adventures will be the forerunner to my own, personal, project. Each cover will feature the same layout, but the colour background will change depending on the image. The images for each adventure will be free to break the bottom and sides of the framed space. The circular region before the book will feature the number of each adventure in the series. My friend is the writer, I am the designer, illustratour, and layout person. So, I am in charge of figuring out the consistent format each adventure will follow. The logo (with the book, but not the banner) will be able to be used, separately, to advertise the product. In some cases, the banner will be present in ads. Currently, the adventure is already written and in the editing process. I have cleaned up the text and made a few changes to the serifs and kerned some of the lettering. I have also transferred the banner and logo and begun painting them. Then, I will set up the layout for the book in Indesign. These are intended to be pdfs, and will be able to be downloaded from RPGNow. I am designing a full front and back cover so that they may be printed in their entirety. This way I can take physical copies to conventions and hand out as promos to gaming stores... Plus, I am not a fan of pdfs. I hate reading things online :P The tentative release date is the end of the Summer. There is lots of work to be done :) I've also included a file of the cover mock-up. It's rough, but it should give you guys an idea of the final design, with the painted logo in place. The logo is in watercolour. The image is an old pic I pulled from some work I did a while ago. It serves only to fill the space and give an glimpse of the final layout with a 'real' image in place.


  1. Justin, this is an attractive design. I especially like the circle set into the bottom edge of the book's hard back cover. It has associations of rings and crystal balls.
    Just one problem with that little twig-like decoration that's sticking out of the letter 'e' in the word "Tales": It reads as an apostrophe, making it look like you're applying the possesive case to the noun "Tales."

  2. You know, you're right. I'd thought the same thing, but hoped I was just being too picky... I'm glad you mentioned it. I can change that aspect of the final design. Thank you so much for your feedback, Pam, I really appreciate it.

  3. looks cool justin. here's a real quick snapshot of some suggestions.
    good luck with the project!

  4. Thank you, Oliver :) You've been very helpful. I really like some of the changes. I did end up altering the background a bit. I'll be revisiting this again, soon, when I begin setting up the Indesign document. Thanks, again, Oliver. I'm always amazed with how much effort you put into your critiques. And, as a visual person, I appreciate the illustration.

  5. anytime. i know it's a rough first layout and you have a lot of placeholder stuff. just thought i'd throw some ideas out there.

    lookin forward to seeing the final.