Thursday, January 20, 2011

Character design and computer animation?

Got this inquiry from a local friend:

Emailing to see if someone you know has skills in computer animation, and/or character development.  I'm looking for someone who can create a character to go along with a computer program we're developing, and then animate it.  The total animation involved will probably be 3-5 minutes in length, but in segments.  I'm not sure how this would then tie in with the programming, but we'd work that out with the programmer.
If anyone here has these skills and is interested, drop me a line at and I'll send contact information.

Tad Barney

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  1. Jim Wooten might be interested. He's a good friend of mine. His website is listed in the column in this Blog. I know he is busy and hopefully will be working with me on a project in the near future, but that is down the road a bit. I think it would be right up his alley. I'm still learning animation. If I thought I was better at it I'd be interested.