Sunday, January 23, 2011

Special Edition Illustrators Lunch: Jerry Dowling's art at Grand Ole Pub

On February 2nd, we will have lunch at Grand Ole Pub in West Chester.

Jerry Dowling did a cool collection of caricatures to decorate the restaurant.

Sneak preview:

See you there!


  1. As always, Jerry, fine work - but I do wish you could have used some of your viciousness in a few of these caricatures.

    How's that for a non-political compliment?

  2. He gave Megyn Kelly the same eyes as Glen Beck.
    That's kinda vicious.

  3. Great work, Jerry :) Sorry I wasn't there. I love seeing your work. I've been swamped with commissions, lately. I just finished one up. These look great, man. I hope to see you, tomorrow :)

  4. I remember seeing several of these in sketch-stage. They've come a long way and look very nice.