Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Jerry Dowling: Boehner Caricatures

From Jerry: These are the beginning and final of my caricature of House Speaker John Boehner.

The final version is framed and hanging on the wall at the Grand Ole Pub in West Chester.

It's all photoshop from start to finish. There isn't much left of the original.


  1. Je ne connais pas ce personnage, mais j'aime le portrait que vous en avez fait...

  2. Great job, Jerry! The final is a huge improvement over the earlier version, and I have to say, your style looks great with the full-blown Photoshop treatment.

    The client may never buy it, but it would be hard (even for me) to resist making a happy John and a crying John....or have him hanging out in a tanning salon with George Hamilton.

  3. All the TV stations were over at the Grand Ole Pub today and they all shot the caricature as part of their clip. I got interviewed by Channel 9 so i may show up tonight on the news.