Thursday, January 20, 2011

Still Life in Greenville, SC!

Hey, 'Nattians!
I'm getting really, really clay'd out these days...... so I've set up a painting area in a spare room. I'm soooo rusty with the oils (haven't painted since my college classes! 6+ yrs already? Yikes!) Thought I would warm up with a still life, with items found in my pantry. (All Joe's of course!)

I think this needs about 1 more hour or so--especially the background and that wobble on the olive oil bottle.
Any advice, you painters?

Stay warm up there! ;~)


  1. Great painting, Polymer Paula!
    I especially like the handling of those garlic cloves

    Um, do you have to change your name now?

  2. Um, can I change it to Gregory Manchess?

    No--I still want to be Polymer Paula.... just not "Only Polymer Clay is What We Want from Paula."
    Oh man...did I type that out loud? :~/

  3. Lovely work! You do not need to be Gregory Manchess, you just need to be you :)