Sunday, January 16, 2011

New piece in progress

This is about 60% done I think. Based on the legend of the Lambton Wyrm from England.


  1. WOW! I said WOW!

    Outstanding. Love the serpent design, layout, attention to detail and color treatment. Looks awesome right now.

    What other magic are you going to add Tom?

  2. Nice work, Tom!
    I agree with Daryll. It looks great and I can't imagine what you would add to it, unless there is something about the story that needs to be there — a boat, a bridge, dripping blood?

    The tall format was a good decision, and the formal, stagey composition really works in an unexpected way. My only —and this is minor—suggestion would be to shrink the figure a tiny bit. This would bring him into scale with the rocks and emphasize the strength of the dragon.

    This composition drawn in a Mucha-style, would also make a great stained glass window! Can't wait to see the final version!

  3. Thanks guys. The legend this is based on has the local lord having to dress in armor covered in spikes and stand on a rock in the middle of the river where the wyrm (dragon)lives. If anyone tries to kill it the pieces come back to life but as it wraps itself around the armored knight it impales itself on the spikes and dies. Hence the pose of the knight offering himself in submission to the dragon. I will play with the scale some and check it out but he has to look big enough to be somewhat of a threat to the wyrm.
    I like working in odd proportions since it is fun to figure out how to make it all work!

  4. Thanks for the backstory, Tom —now a lot of things make better sense.
    I like the piece even more!

    The figure still looks a bit more oblivious than submissive or conniving to me. Have you tried having him face the dragon, or cautiously stooping a bit to lay down the shield? That way there would be a hint for your audience that he's thinking, or laying some sort of trap.
    Of course they'd have to dig somewhere to find out exactly what.

  5. Fantastic work! I love the color treatment as well. Nice balance to it all. :)