Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Aw Shucks!

Greeting from Greenville, SC! I've got the painting bug again ;~)

Here's where my still life with corn is right now...... I'd like to put another 4 or so hours into it tonight & be done with it! Any advice for a rusty oil painter? Anything weird sticking out? I know I need to work on that squat little Coke can; something's not right about it.

My steps in reverse.....

Hope everyone's doing well!


  1. OK, Firefox is letting me sign in. Must be an internet explorer issue.

    What I tried to say before: Excellent still life!

    If you want to nit-pick, the bottom ellipse on the can is a little off rather than the can being squat :)

  2. Thanks! That helps. I need nit-picking :~)