Friday, May 13, 2011

Opening of "Drawing the Line: the art of comics, illustration, animation"

Picture by Kim Taylor
In a fit of blogger bugginess, this post evaporated. Must be a Google/Friday the 13th thing.

Here are the pictures again of the show opening at Clermont College. Tim Fuller, Daryll Collins, Brennan Bradford, David Hartz and I (Christina Wald) were all there to check it out.

The woman who put the show together, Kim Taylor, worked on the show The Simpsons for 5 years! How cool is that? Being part of the Simpsons creative team would be my dream job! (Futurama even better!)

She was instrumental in getting several other artists in the show from the Simpsons who put together their own comics anthology:

Here is a press release about the show:

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