Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Petar Meseldzija

I imagine there's already been a post about artist Petar Meseldzija...his popularity has recently exploded after this year's Illuxcon. But I received today my Amazon order of his book The Legend of Steel Bashaw and it is beautiful.

If you love fairy tales and narrative fantasy illustration, please give this book a glance. Most of the work can be seen on Petar's site but the book in print is really crisp. It's not an extravagant, 200 page book or anything. It's a glue-bound softcover piece and it's relatively short. I haven't read it yet, but it's beautiful and moving even at just a glance. It's a great visual lesson in color, light, narrative, texture, composition and dramatic staging. The sketches and development work at the back are a great treat as well. Check it out!

Justin, I think you'd love every bit of it from his paintings, to the painted framing of each piece.


  1. Thanks for the post. I think I had heard of him peripherally but the book looks like a must see.

  2. His sketchbook and originals are amazing.

  3. Yeah, I remember finding out about this guy last year... and, yes, he transformed my world :) Thank you for thinking of me, Oliver. I appreciate it. I got sucked into this man's work easily. This picture, in particular, blew my mind. His technique is... well, sublime. It's beautiful. A true visionary and craftsman of great skill.

  4. Borders are fascinating. I love incorporating them into secondary elements that say just as much about the piece (even if in a suggestive, metaphorical way) as the main focus does. Playing with and breaking the frame of reference is one of my favourite exercises and avenues to explore. It's validating and influential to see the way others handle their space (and how they manipulate it in creative ways. I love Darryl K. Sweet for this).