Friday, January 6, 2012

Blade Runner Sketchbook

The almost-impossible-to-find Blade Runner sketchbook has been scanned to the internet for us nerds to devour! Full of amazing sketches by our beloved Syd Mead, it's sure to inspire anyone who likes anything related to sci-fi!

Check it!


  1. LOVE this stuff. Irene Gallo posted something about this last week on FB but I couldn't access the whole thing til now...Thanks Oliver!

  2. I flipped through a few pages. Love seeing the crazy marker streaks.
    I also love hearing about working with Ridley Scott (pg61) —are those Moebius-looking sketches Ridley's? Wow!

  3. Syd Mead was the hero of industrial designers when I was in school. It would be cool to be a futurist concept designer.