Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy New Year!

Had a little time for doodling this afternoon. I've always wanted to sketch my own version of a Chinese Dragon. Now I just want to create more.

Tonight ends the year of the rabbit and begins the year of the dragon —the luckiest symbol of the zodiac. In Chinese tradition, dragons are charismatic, aggressive and succeed at everything they do.

almost everything.

Update Jan 23, 15:26

Typically, when I post, I put art up and then move on, but in the spirit of fun, I've decided to make this an ongoing project and continue posting dragon sketches until Chinese New Year ends on Feb 6. —or until I get tired.

Jan. 26

Christina's dragons are sweet and cuddly, Justin's are strong and awesome. Mine are cynical curmudgeons. Hmmmm.


  1. Love the drawing, texture and color - sweet! (also looks a little like my Grandpa)

  2. Thanks, John! Maybe we name him after your Grandpa.

  3. Synchronicity today! Or at least Dragons are too cool a subject to resist. I doodled a new year's dragon today too while saving files. Just as I finished, your post popped up.

    Mine is on my blog, but I can post it here too... Sadly, I was born in the year of the monkey... Troy has a cooler one-year of the tiger!

  4. Lovely sketch by the way. Love how you worked in the finger trap... He looks majestic despite his dilemma.

  5. Thanks, Christina! Just checked yours out. Excellent! You should definitely post it.

    I was born in 1967 and for years I was happy to be a sheep (an artistic sign). But....recently, I found that because my birthday occurred before the Chinese New Year, I am really a horse. I think that sign is worse than a monkey. (My daughter Lily loves being a monkey)

    While I was sketching this, I was concentrating solely on what features distinguish a Chinese dragon from a western dragon (moustache, pop-eyes, antelope horns) and I left the hands until last. (They should be further down on the hoselike body —like your sketch.) Honestly, I don't know what made me think of those Chinese handcuffs. They sort of drew themselves in a rare "zen" moment. The more I thought about it, the more I liked the irony of it.

  6. Very nice Chuck!! and thats coming from a it's my Year!!

  7. Thanks, Mike!
    Enjoy your year!

  8. I sense some Rookie D dementedness here...must be the display of back teeth!

    1. Lol, John!
      It took me forever to figure out what you were talking about.
      If I'm standing on the threshold of the Daryll Collins house of dementia, somebody push me in!

  9. I love the new sketch... That is one dragon you would not mess with...

  10. Thanks, guys!
    In my commercial work, I don't get to show my demented side very often.

  11. What they said! And also - looking forward to more dragons through February 6th: May they be just as riveting in their emotional complexity as those two.

  12. Nice work, Chuck! Don't get to see much of your stuff on here. You should post more often :P Hope all is well. Nice to finally see you at the Christmas party, too. Keeping an eye out for more of those dragons :P

  13. Thanks, Pam!

    and thanks, Justin! I think you've outdone me, but I'm just happy to do some posting, and see more of your work.
    Good to finally meet you too. That evening goes by too fast!