Monday, January 9, 2012

Cool Gallery Show: Charley Harper: A Bird's Eye View

 This looks like a great show; reception this Thursday.

DAAP Galleries in collaboration with the Charley Harper Studio present for the first time, a retrospective view of Charley Harper's career.  Many never before seen works will be on view, beginning with his childhood and tracing a path throughout his career, providing a unique insight into the development of the icon maker we know today.
Reception:  Thursday, January 12th, 5-7pm
Exhibition runs: January 9th through February 16th
Hours: Sunday - Thursday 10am to 5pm


DAAP Complex, 5th Floor
West/Main Campus, UC
513 556 2839


  1. Une exposition qui me semble très intéressante...
    Gros bisous

  2. I hope I can make it to that!
    In our area, you see Harper prints everywhere. It's easy to take him for granted. About a decade ago, I got acquainted with his earlier works like his bird serigraphs and his art for Ford. It made me look at him with a refreshed perspective.

    Is this really a "first-time" retrospective? or just first time at DAAP?
    I thought the exhibit at CAC years ago was a decent retrospective.

  3. I don't think it's a "first time" retrospective unless a lot of originals or sketches are being shown for the first time. Chuck is right about the CAC show a few years back. In any case, I hope to make it to the reception tonight.

    1. I think Chuck knows better now that he has seen it, maybe you should do the same!

  4. The CAC show was very good.I love CH's old textbook illustrations. I plan to check out the show, but cannot make the reception. Too many deadlines...

  5. I saw it earlier tonight, and no one who's even remotely interested in Harper's work will be disappointed. I was amazed at the breadth of work and number of pieces that were crammed in that space. It's all there: childhood drawings, art from the military years, old commercial stuff and lots of process-oriented stuff: thumbnails, sketches, mock-ups, original art and printed pieces. There were expressionistic watercolor and gouache scenes that surprised me —very much like Mary Blair's work.

    I had to rush it a bit, because I had the girls with me, but they enjoyed it as well. We have a memory card game at home that features a lot of his pieces, and they were excited to see the jumbo-sized originals.