Monday, January 16, 2012

In the spirit of the Toy Hunter Cincinnati show tonight, my meager stash is safe...hard to get it flat on the scanner (scanned through the clear plastic cover) - ca.1977


  1. That is a great illustration! Troy sold one of those cases 10ish years ago.

    Troy was just explaining that the Boba Fet figure was legendary and that is it went for $17,000.

  2. Did you do the illo before or after the movie came out?

    1. I few months after the release - we had reference shots for everything by then and had all seen the movie several times...I've been trying to find a print of the first pre-release packaging cut I worked on, where they told us that the big ending involved a space station that looked like a giant grey ball with lights all over it - pretty descriptive huh? We had a good angle shot of an x-wing fighter but that was all.

    2. Funny! If I heard in 1977, that a sci-fi movie was coming out and the climax involved blowing up a big grey ball, I'da said "forget it, I'll save my 3 bucks". :-)

      BTW, how old were you when you did this? 25? Less?

  3. I'm sorry I missed the show . I hope they re-broadcast it.
    That's a really fantastic illo! I wasn't sure at first if this is just something you collected or created.
    Created? —amazing job, John!

  4. We had one of those cases when I was a kid. Of course, who knows where it went.

    I suspect it was sold at a garage sale many years ago.

    Did you do many other illustrations for the early products?

    Back to the show, one thing I thought was interesting was the focus on boys toys except for Care Bears. I had a Bionic Woman doll complete with her bionic hair salon. They only showed Oscar and Steve... (Bigfoot also was not mentioned)...

  5. some finished art - a disco-themed Bionic Woman backcard was one that I hope NEVER appears anywhere. Lots of assorted Kenner stuff over the years; the most interesting were toys that either never got produced or only out for a while - a line called Mega-Bugs was pretty cool and fun to work with, and we abused a prototype of Gobbles the Goat most grievously - ransom notes and x-rated Polaroids and all...

  6. This is great, man! Lol, I can't imagine. What was that experience like?