Saturday, January 14, 2012

Toy Hunters on The Travel Channel

 Many local illustrators, sculptors and designers have worked with Kenner (now owned by Hasbro) over the years, so this should be an interesting show. 

I tried to find a promo clip but was unsuccessful. If anyone has a link let me know...

11PM Toy Hunters
Toy Hunters
Jordan Hembrough travels to Cincinnati and Miami in search of rare vintage items to sell at the New York Comic Con. He strategically maneuvers around reluctant sellers and an abating budget to land a big-ticket item for Comic Con. TV-G, CC

From the Enquirer:

"Collectible toy expert Jordan Hembrough goes searching through Cincinnati area garages, basements, attics and warehouses for vintage and rare Kenner/Hasbro toys on “Toy Hunters” (11 p.m. Sunday, Travel Channel).

It’s a one-hour pilot by  Sharp Entertainment (“Man vs. Food Nation”) for a potential series — though some involved here worry about the possible audience for the show at 11 p.m. on a Sunday night. So set the DVR.

Hembrough of Hollywood looks for old Star Wars, Thundercats and other vintage Kenner toys at the homes of former Kenner/Hasbro employees Rob Meyer in Anderson Township, Ron Boyle of Withamsville and others,  plus Queen City Comics, for him to take to the New York ComiCon, Boyle said."


  1. I'm not a big TV guy, but I might have to watch this.

    I worked with Ron Boyle for several years at WB. The sculptors there would get occasional visits from Star Wars geeks who would make pilgrimages to meet the guys who created first line of Star Wars toys.

    It's always a pleasure talking to toy people. They have the best stories about celebrity encounters. (If the stories can be believed)
    Is Troy going to get air time?

  2. No. He found out about it from one of his friends who is in it.

  3. That was interesting...can't help but wonder how many people (and refusals) they went through locally to get what ended up on the show...

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