Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy Groundhog Day

It’s been quite some time since I posted, but I hope to do better in the near future. Among other projects, I’m currently putting the finishing touches on a 90 page graphic novel titled “Midnite Matinee Comics” that uses public domain films in a fumetti-style approach. My intent was to recreate the movie-going experience of the fifties and sixties that includes a cartoon, Rickey Rodent, a chapter of a serial, Commander Bolt Uprite, ads inviting you to go to the lobby and buy snacks and the main feature, Island of Lost Gorillas. All rewritten in new and strange ways. Along with these there are several movie previews, including this one. It originally comes from an old Christmas special that has very little to do with Christmas, as it takes place in February and is narrated by a groundhog.

Enjoy! And have a wonderful Groundhog Day!


  1. Hilarious! I think the Groundhog was preempted this year though...

  2. Nice work, Tim!
    I especially love the shadow —which conjures up those super-cool ghosts in "Nightmare".
    I remember this special. I'm pretty sure it aired in Feb., and if memory serves, Buddy Hackett voiced the groundhog. I'm surprised to hear it's public domain.

  3. Groundhog....I don't need a groundhog. I'll be sunbathing today.

  4. Chuck-your memory is great! Buddy Hackett was indeed the voice of "Pardonme Pete" the narrator of one of the most confusing holiday specials ever. Pete made a deal with Jack Frost to always see his shadow and go back to bed. Weird!

  5. Your memory is apparently better!
    I should have mentioned that it's great to see a post from you. I'd love to see more —especially more of your original cartoon art and sketches.

  6. Thank you, Chuck! As a matter of fact, I'm planning to post on a regular basis to the Zombie Marge blog that was started when Twelve Way came out. I have a new web comic in the works that will be going up there. Announcements soon!