Friday, February 17, 2012

Scary Harry Quite Contrary

I thought I would post a recent project, since the play opens tonight. I have handled advertising for the Saint Joseph Drama Club's yearly play since 2001. Twelve shows in all, with subjects ranging from super heroes, vampires, mobsters, westerns, the circus and more. This years show is based on fairy tales, thus my heavy Maxfield Parrish influence. My involvement began assisting my wife by doing a one color line drawing for the program. These days it's all my job, I edged her out. (No, she just doesn't have the the time.) The job has grown to full color posters, t-shirts, web ads, billboards and the program. But it's one of the more fun projects I look forward to. I get complete freedom to come up with images based on an early draft of the script. There's only been one instance of censorship, when the priest objected to my rendition of Adam. (Picture Fred Flintstone wearing nothing but a fig leaf.) Enjoy the poster, and if you are in the Highland Heights area, come see the show!


  1. Tim,
    Nice image. I am glad that the client has turned into a consistent source. It is so great when they leave you alone to do what you do best. It makes it worthwhile to put that little extra effort to the job.
    One thing about the image, that I wonder if you intended, was that the wolf looks like a different style character than Humpty or Jack & Jill. Even his color pallet is much warmer than the other elements of the composition. This is not a criticism - because I really do like the art - just an observation.

  2. Very astute, David. The wolf was one area of disagreement this year. I completed the poster with only the three figures, thinking it communicated the right mood. But the Drama Club insisted that the title character, Scary Harry, the Big Bad Wolf, be included. And that he needed to look like the 30s-style cartoon wolf. I resisted and tinkered with different designs. In the end I ran out of time and gave in to their requests rather than fight about it. But to me the wolf sticks out like a sore wolf. Except I like his bolo tie with the cow skull.

  3. Yikes, That's a big change —Bummer that it wasn't caught at the thumbnail stage.
    The poster looks fantastic anyway, and the wolf didn't seem incongruous to me (David's eyes are sharper than mine)
    I absolutely love your background foliage —reminded me of "Daybreak" right away.

    It's great of you to do this stuff, Tim, and I'm sure it's very much appreciated! I'm originally from Fort Thomas, so I've done my share of graphic work for the Diocese of Covington.
    I've also been censored over the subject of Adam and Eve's nekkidness. Maybe that's worth a separate posting!

  4. Chuck, thanks for the kind words. I'll dig out the Adam & Eve file and post the before and after soon. I was able to salvage it without too much more work.

  5. This is amazing! I really want to see the rejected Adams and Eves. I would if Michelangelo had similar troubles with his client?